IT Operations Management:  close the gaps

When machines talk, business booms

Machines are quickly becoming the eyes and ears of business. By connecting multiple machines with sensors and networking technology, companies can uncover new opportunities, gain unprecedented insight, and leverage new forms of customer intimacy.

Madeo™ IT Operations Manager offers deep knowledge discovery through data inference and exploration. Madeo™ R&D program in IT Ops roots in the revolutionary field of Data Science and is centered around evidence-based analytical rigor and building robust decision capabilities to output hidden patterns that lies beneath the surface of big data.

In a world becoming more information-driven than ever before, Madeo™ technologies matters because it enables companies to operate more proactively and strategize more intelligently in the ultra competitive Telecom Markets. Committed to augmenting our partners enterprise value through enhanced managed IT experience, we are hiring a new breed of DBAs and infrastructure engineers/developers to manage far more sophisticated systems in order to, as we like to say it, turn information into gold.

Data science teams have become invaluable resources within companies because by being able to learn from data in ways no one else can, they are extraordinarily well-positioned to figure out how to add substantial business value. But this means having a keen sense of how to dissect and approach business problems becomes as important as having a keen sense of how to approach algorithmic problems. Ultimately, the value doesn't come from numbers; it comes from strategic thinking based on those numbers.

What is Machine Learning?Machine learning is a term that is closely tied to data science. Simply, it means being able to train systems or algorithms to derive insight from a data set. The actual types of machine learning are varied, ranging from regression models to support vector machines to neural nets, but it all centers around 'teaching' a computer to become very good at pattern recognition.

What is Data Munging?Raw data can be unstructured and messy, with information from disparate data sources and mismatched records. Data munging is a term to describe the important process of cleaning up data so that it is ready for data analysis and use in machine learning algorithms. This requires good pattern-recognition ability and clever programing skills in order to merge and transform masses of raw information. Dirty data can obfuscate the 'truth' hidden in the data and completely mislead an analysis, thus, any data scientist must be skillful and nimble at data munging in order to have accurate data for deriving insight.

Final wordIn any organization that wants to leverage big data to gain Operational Intelligence value, data science is the secret sauce. Knowing that it is incredibly difficult to find experts who embody all the necessary talents and are capable to model true dedicated business solutions, we are please to introduce you to Madeo™ IT Operations consultants uniquely positioned to be transformative figures within your company.