Madeo™ Enterprise:   exceeding expectations

Access a New Level of Convergence in Telecom & IT

High Business Value Madeo™ Enterprise product unify part or whole of your Corporate IT management solutions. With management data accessible from a single glass panel, thrive in the Governance of operational models accross vendors, Business Continuity solutions and Quality sustainability.

High Service Efficiency

When your IT staff adopts Madeo™ Enterprise as part of their operations, processes improvement plans and billing validation, corporations are able to further automate and standardize reporting and management across technologies.

Take the right decisions at the right time


eep under tighter control: new and old technology deployments, security, access, logging, billing and database or configuration quality. Corporate applications both insourced or outsourced may leverage the data consolifated and indexed from Madeo™ Enterprise modular software suite upon request.

Listen to your data, rely upon Madeo™ Operational Intelligence driven by years of R&D, testing and customer feedback. Know in deptph the limits of your Telecom & IT infrastructure to maximize its value for your business. With global knowledge across your whole operations better manage IT constraints.