Madeo™ Cloud:  IT operations as a Service

Your Direct Visibility from the Cloud

Madeo™ cloud solutions let you search, monitor and analyze your network and application generated data from a wide range of technologies. With model such as software as a service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service as deployment options, MADEO's cloud solutions enable you to leverage cloud the way you want to.

  • Integrate
  • Save
  • Empower
  • Simplify

1 - Madeo™ solutions is the answer of an All-In-One comprehensive IT Operations management system that is seemlessly integrated with your data infrastructure and easy to integrate with standard based and multi-service multi-vendor environment.

2 - Madeo™ IT management solutions is an ideal integral fit to your data infrastructure with a proved Return on Investment on your initial capital expenditure CAPEX and a controlled and reduced Operational expenditure (OPEX) for your operation process. By employing a single portal for your different service segments in your IT infrastructure , your IT management is never simpler.

3 - Empower internally your resources and externally your customers with agile reporting and monitoring applications capable to adapt to your IT delivery optimizations. Madeo™ Products are customizables one module at a time to precisely meet your automation needs.

4 - With a single view to your IT infrastructure, network segments, and your UC Services, network operation management has never been simpler. With tremendous amount of tools and searching criteria and with simple clicks you can easily search, view, and analyze your various network services for easier management and troubleshooting process. Madeo™ IT solutions give you the ability to automate network and application processes.

Madeo™ Cloud leverage State of the Arts Elastic Cloud Solutions from Amazon.

Collect and index machine-generated data from AWS or virtually any other source or location in real time. This includes data streaming from packaged and custom applications, application servers, web servers, databases, networks, virtual machines, telecoms equipment, operating systems, sensors and much more. Just point Madeo™ Cloud at your data, and it immediately starts collecting and indexing—so you can start extracting true IT management information.