Madeo™ Assesment Audits

Assesment Audits

If you are considering introducing Unified Communications strategy for your business, wondering about the integration with other the other business applications or wondering about the network performance and Quality of Service, Madeo™ Assessment Audits services can assist in making the informative and efficient decision for your environment.

The readiness for your Local Area Networks (Wired or Wireless) plays a significant role in the overall quality, performance, and end-user satisfaction of any UC experience. Quality of service (QoS) requirements for voice and video applications differs from other types of data application requirements and it is dynamically changing. This needs a robust network that can identify and adapt with the burst nature of the Voice and Video traffic.

Madeo™ Assessment Audits services can assist

  • Network Walk-Through Discovery:
    • A logical discovery of the wired and wireless network and their components.

  • Performing a Network utilization baseline:
    • A measurement of the current utilisation of the network and visual view of the potential bottlenecks.

  • Synthetic Voice and video traffic simulation:
    • to measure the network performance with the new service in place.

  • Reporting and documentation:
    • Generate a detailed report of the findings and recommendations