Madeo™ IT Services modules

Simple and easy to use, these modules can be customized furhter to fit best your IT ecosystem.

  Keep Up with User Demand


MADEO provides a full ticketing system for your support teams. Alarms and Events can be automatically linked to a ticket reference. This modules also integrates with the Unified Contact Center, Knowledge database, Alarms, Events.

Knowledge Database

Knowledge database is key for operations sharing the lessons and learns to all.

Alarms & Events

The MADEO modules automatically feed the alarm database, providing a global view of your infrastructure health. Events are also managed to properly make the difference between alarms (like incident) and scheduled events (like maintenances).

Customer Databases E-Bonding

Integrates with customers databases in order to provide customized features. MADEO is compatible with Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL and MySQL. Those ebonding are only available on the Ecosystem or managed IT operational models.

Non Standard Assets Management

Some items cannot be automatically tracked using network protocols. This module provides an efficient solution for all of those for reporting or billing purpose.

Madeo™ IT Services Features

The Madeo™ IT Services modules foundation is based on automated direct e-bonding with all Network elements. It leverages best practices from our customers and professionals. Up in the Cloud or on premise, meet the best of
IT application services.