Madeo™ network WAN & LAN modules

Simple and easy to use, these modules can be customized further to fit best your network ecosystem.

  Full Network diagnostics

Advanced Asset Management

Madeo™ provides a complete network asset management solution. This includes routers, switches, gateways, firewalls, access points, servers and many more. Transform your SNMP data into usable information on chassis, modules, interfaces, neighbors, MACs, IP, interfaces, ARP,... Customize your extra information with the managed IT operational model.

Network Monitoring

Monitor efficiently your network nodes vital statistics. Memory, CPU, Flash capacity, delay, packet lost, heat, power consumption,… Also monitor services based on standard or customized protocols. Integrated with our ticketing and alarm system, simplify your NOC activities. Also check IP SLA statistics with MoS and PRIs capacity for your UC needs.

Service Monitoring

Services are monitored by SYSLOGS analysis, SNMP requests or protocol based testing. Modules come with set of pre-defined rules which can be customized by customers.

Access Managemnet

Using Radius protocol, Madeo™ manages for you access, authentication and accounting to your network nodes (console and remote), Wireless network or VPN concentrators. Using VMPS or Dot1.x protocols, your network never has been more secured.

IP Management

Addresses, ARP, interfaces, VRF for VPNs, DHCP, properly manage your IPs and use Madeo™ as your reference knowledge database for IPs.

Configuration Management

Madeo™ recovers automatically all configuration files from remote nodes. Those can be archived, analyzed, checked for quality control. Configuration commands can be daily pushed to nodes auto maintaining them. Provisioning is also available for mass updates and deployments.

Environment Management

Everybody knows that our environment affects us. This is very true for network nodes. Heat, power supplies status, power consumption, fans status, voltage, printers supplies and many more. Never be surprised by your datacenter power usage or by loosing your equipment because of overheating.

Madeo™ Network Features

The Madeo™ Network modules foundation is based on automated direct e-bonding with all Network elements. It leverages best practices from our customers and professionals. Up in the Cloud or on premise, meet the best of
Network application services.