Madeo™ Unified Communications modules

Simple and easy to use, these modules can be customized further to fit best your UC ecosystem.

  A complete UC software suite

Advanced Asset Management

Madeo™ provides a complete Unified Communication asset management solution. This includes physical devices, software devices, Jabber, trunks, speed dials, Directory Numbers, Device Lines, FACs, End Users, CSS and many more. Multi-clusters CUCM and Unity are synchronized with Madeo™ for reporting, monitoring and billing purposes. Also providing click to call feature and advanced troubleshooting tools.

License Management

Device License Units (V6-7), Cisco Unified Workplace Licensing (V8), Enterprise License Manager (V9-10), Customized License Manager (per customer). Never run out of licenses and better bill your consumers. Relearn how to manage your licenses with Madeo.

Call Accounting

Simplify your call accounting with this multi-vendor module. Madeo™ manages Call Detail Records from small office to carrier. Madeo™ manages standard, SRST and gateway records. Reporting, billing and capacity management features are included.

Call Quality Control

Choppy voice, freezing video, loud background noise, if you ever experienced those before, Madeo™ could help you identify the origin of your quality problem. QoS and MoS indicators like Packet Lost, Jitter, Latency, MLQK, ICR, CCR will hepl you improving your solution.

Configuration Quality Control

Orphans, missing fields, incorrect configuration, those are examples of poor configuration quality impacting your global UC solution. From end devices to gateways, highlight your failing items then correct them using our provisioning tools. Also access information from audit logs as well as end devices.


Processing Modification/Add/Correction/Deletion requests, empowering your support teams, delegating simplest task to end users, restoring configuration quality are of the many advantages of our provisioning features.

Madeo™ UC Features

The Madeo™ UC modules foundation is based on automated direct e-bonding with all UC elements. It leverages best practices from our customers and professionals. Up in the Cloud or on premise, meet the best of
UC application services.