Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we have received from our customers with the general answers provided in short. If you have further questions for Madeo™ management or experts, please contact us directly here.

What does Madeo™ do exactely?

Madeo™ is a unified solution that will converge your service and asset management needs for Unified Communications and Network infrastructure. Madeo™ provides a full tracking of your users, network, mobile and phone devices in your organization. Madeo™ is a modular software agile & flexible enough to meet enterprise systems and processes. It can be built over the cloud or on premise at your datacenters.

Why would I need Madeo™ in my company?

Today IT complexity is a bottlneck for Entreprise Growth and most IT employees' time is spent on repetitive operations. Madeo™'s proposition is to converge the management of wired and wireless, physical and virtual infrastructures. One unified Madeo™ platform allow automation and innovation with low-touch deployment and optimization. Your end users and IT staff can then picture well the assets under their responsability.

What product and support package fits me?

If depends on your organization size and network requirements. If you only purchases few modules, Madeo™ Cloud is an excellent solution easy to implement. If your security constraints require local data hosting and some level of customization in monitoring & reporting for example, then Madeo™ Entreprise is the best solution for you. Support wise, we provide SLA and up to 24/7 application support.

Where is Madeo™ available in the world?

Our headquarter is in Washington DC and we have local offices in New York, Toronto, London and Paris. Our qualified partners can reach you quite anywhere in the world. Madeo™ products availability remains conditioned by your country's regulatory in respect to secure data transfers and hosting.

I have multiple teams who need to supervise different aspects in different Telecom & IT domains. Can Madeo™ proivde role-based access?

Madeo™ Unified Communications, Network WAN & LAN and IT Services modules are designed with Multi-Layer-Administration as a core functionality allowing different teams to access the specific information they need to perform their jobs. MLA clauses can be tuned to meet your peoples & process functional objectives.

What is Madeo™ engagement process?

We offer free software demonstrations and upon an initial engagement we can deploy Madeo™ Pilot built to fit your Telecom & IT infrastructure. Piloting one or several Madeo™ Modules at the same time is the best way to appreciate Madeo™ product's scalability and the breadth of experience at Madeo™ Technologies Inc..
The initial engagement normally leads to the ordering of Madeo™ licenses with includes application support and minor customizations. Major customizations to meet specific technology migrations, application replacement, processes or users requirements are possible through change management, non-standard solutions and professional services.